Monday, April 11, 2011

no traffic is non in Jakarta.

blissful monday. no traffic. good driver. good people. good work. good lunch. good everything GOOD. then to complete this note yet, showing you what "no traffic" means in early monday morning in Jakarta, i googled pics. type "no traffic in Jakarta's street." I got pics. Then what makes me annoyed and disturbed is : all of the pics i googled remains to the same thing. Traffic. Accidents. and rebellious driver. all the selfish vehicles which cant stand anymo being in the dont-know-when-it-will-end-i-want-to-go-home-i-dont-care-anymore-if-i-hit-somebody's-car-my-office-will-pay-for-my-claims traffic. showing u two among thousands. even google cant do any better in searching and matching key words when for Google keyword "no traffic in Jakarta" means "there's no such thing as no traffic in Jakarta just face it, u dreamer" OK, will be back for good posts later. later.Sorry i cant describe how i feel this morning. i hope y feel good too, today.

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