Wednesday, March 16, 2011

shit happens (at office)

i hate it when my former boss fwd my mistakes to others.

boss : dear rani, can u pls make a flowchart for this data?

me : dear boss, here is the flowchart you requested

*then he send my data to senior manager - upper level (my email wasnt included, as if he’s the one who made that)

boss (to the senior manager - upper level) : dear all, here’s the chart i made to fulfill the presentation for our product launch.

*then the senior manager-upper level, give comment and correction to the data which THEY think made by MY BOSS.

senior manager : dear rani’s boss, i think you combine it wrong in Feb 2010. pls check.

*my boss send it back to me, asked for my confirmation.

boss : dear rani, pls check again the flowchart u made.

me : dear boss, sorry i made mistakes. i revised it already.

*i revised the data and MY BOSS send it back to upper level, and this time, when i made mistakes, HE INCLUDED my sorry email.

boss to the senior manager - upper level) : dear all, here’s the revised flowchart. (AND MY SORRY EMAIL is FUCKING INCLUDED inside)

so. the conclusion is i wont do that when am a manager someday. u took credit from ur assistant and said as if it’s ur WORKS. and when they made mistakes, you proudly present their mistakes to others and said as if IT’S NOT UR WORKS.

ur terrible boss. sorry. but ur worse than terrible.

go save ur self, pervert!


  1. LOL, bos lo Gila nyebelinnya. Ada ya orang macem begitu. Kalo bahasa Urdu-nya “throwing rock, hiding hand”

  2. itu bukan bahasa Urdu kaleee. bahasa Cina. huhuhahahaha