Monday, February 14, 2011

thankful enough

this one goes for a week ago.
hope it's still fresh.
thankful enough

this morning is monday.(who likes monday, raise ur hand and God will bless people like you.)

First, i started to yawn and yawn, and snooze and snooze and roll over left to the right, when the reality called. I HAVE TO WORK. because i am a responsible adult.(sigh)

and the next prep detail, i aint no have to make it detail.So, i came out and face this morning.Hello traffic, hello unbeliveable long trip to office, hello crazy motorbikes, hello bunch of jobs, hello everyone.

so i sat inside the public transportation called ANGKOT. and thinking, how much i hate MONDAY now. (fyi, in my former job, i dont have MONDAY. it’s holiday still. yes i worked from Tue-Fri 4 days a week) you know? traffic. any small incidents that led you to bad thoughts abt this day. and have to WORK after the weekend. That’s hard. And of course, face the JOB that paid ur bill.

But, thank GOD, a very GOOD inspiration and motivation went thru my thought. Well, it sucks to face monday and work. but it is even sucks when u do nothing at all in monday or even worse, have a HARDER JOB than what i already have rite now. such as, being a JOKI, standing in the sidewalk, early in the morning, waiting for a vehicle to choose them. or, GROCERY SELLER, wake up so damn early like 3 am, and go to the market in the cold dawn. or even A PICK-POCKET, maybe they have choice, but they choose to be one.or ANYTHING HARDER. rather than just sitting in front of monitor and stealing time to write in this page.

yeah,that’s me. but i’m thankful enough so God will give me more bless. :)

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