Monday, February 14, 2011

now,i know.

lately, i've been into Tumblr more than blogger. dont know why.
now,i know.

marriage is the last thing on my mind because i have “not so good” experience abt that stuff (actually,my parents' experience). But, that was 6 months ago.that was my opinion in 6 months ago.

Since i worked in Jakarta, esp in this company. I found so many living proof. above 30. lonely and grumpy. well, there are some good living proof tho. i mean like, above 30 and happy. but it’s just SOME. not MANY of THEM. like, when u look at a pie diagram, the HAPPY is 20% out of 100%. Not promising, rite? small amount.

lets just make a list do and donts abt marriage life ..(in my opinion)

DO’s :

  1. because you have someone who loves u and u love them,too
  2. because you and ur couple wanna make a LEGAL relationship when you too have babies and sleep together
  3. because you want to BUILD something. u wanna leave MARKS for the future. the GOOD marks.
  4. because .. i dont wanna be the LONELY and GRUMPY examples whom i seen at my office

DONT’s :

  1. when you dont have any partner to be married with (so clear)
  2. when u dont think marriage is suitable for your life (ur too selfish to share ur life with someone else)
  3. when u like changing partner randomly
  4. when u think having great career is better than having spouse

So yeah. even if its equal in DO’s and DONT’s, well i prefer DO’s as well. because the fourth reason in DO’s. i just dont wanna be ‘that girl’. being lonely is scarry, but being lonely and grumpy is WORST.

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  1. Hahahahahha tapi kebanyakan orang “being lonely and GRUMPY” ya nyong. Hiiii please please demi barongsai gw ngga mau jadi old-maid --____--“