Thursday, February 11, 2016

Humanizing Human

More human, less robot.

Lemme' update to you, that my maid is leaving me (all of sudden) and it broke my heart totally :( i feel so sad - reminiscing to old days when i had heartbroken moments, those feelings kind of the same. Seriously, no joke. But, as a grown up adolescence, i am just gonna face it like a grown up should be :(

Enough of that.
Just want to share some stories, that actually makes us more human in workplace.
Sometimes, when we work or surrounded by workload, we are very stressed, tensed, and you name it lah. And, sometimes we (or me) forget what it's like to be a human.
We are going mad, being bit snob, and i don't think it's good to be named. And i think, we need to have sometimes (beside lunch break) that makes us realize that working doesn't always have to be very tensed. Just like today, i had conversation with someone, i never chat with, about her lipstick. I admire the colour and i said it directly to her, and it end up like we talked about women has never had enough of make up. Which like totally true. And it makes me happy. And i encourage her to use red lipstick on friday! haha let's see about that.

Sometimes, it takes one or two steps out of the box and being human again.
and i think, i will always remind my self how to be human at work.

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