Wednesday, January 19, 2011

be still

it's thursday. we call it mid-week.
almost payment due-day. but it's only almost.
lately, Jakarta showered with rain.
And the worst part, it happens every morning.
i know you know the effect. no need further explanation.
April will be a celebration for myself.
because .. (fanfare sounds) i already worked here for OFFICIALLY A YEAR!
that's quite an achievement for me.
Since, i was accidentally drowned in this consumer goods' industry.
many things happen.
but quite a big loop here.
so many people quitting their job.
maybe 2011, is the year of prosperity. so, people can be rich without working. That's why they quit the job. *impossibletopic-amjustguessing
and .. lately i've been thinking about being patient.
taking times. and let see what happens.
realizing that in this instant world, there's something needed longer times, wider spaces, and more patience. and "hang in there, baby!" phrase.
since, being patient is one of my lackness.. this is so hard to do.
i wish for every step of obstacle is like a video game.
you know, when u achieve or finish something, then there would be a voice (comes from nowhere) saying :
"Congratulations, you have passed level one,please continue to the next level"
and of course when you're about to face the harder obstacle, the voice over will be heard again,
"this is the next level, in this level you will face super grumpy colleagues and hectic boss, please be prepared, this will start in 5 seconds"
well, at least i know what i'm going thru. and i know what i've achieved.
but, there's just no such thing.
i'd better get ready. my b will be here any minute.
so, gotta work.
see u in another uncontrollable thoughts.
i wanted this RB like crazy. fall in love for its wooden material.
my bf broke mine (none like this, the turtle pattern lookalike)
he should've gone change it with this one :D
*did u hear that, boyfie?

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