Wednesday, December 29, 2010

year end.hello, twenty eleven.

hello there. been a while.while.very while. because of some activities untold and un-left-able. dont know where to start. but let me tell ya one thing too late; Merry Christmas, may u guys have the wonderful one, showered with gift and joy, also blessed with maximum happiness. i do wish you that. almost 2011. am not a type "resolutionism in new year's eve" i make resolution whenever i want it. man, i mean like so lame if i have to wait for nu year. that would kill. so, today @office in my dept, everyone already took days off since christmas. it's so quiet here. even when u are tiptoe-ing, someone can hear u did that. am so not in the mood for work. well, who is? actually, not-in-the-mood-for-work is not only today, but also everyday since something change here. someone change something here. i know comfort zone isn't a good thing. we have to get out, otherwise someone would change it for us. i dont know what i feel about the situation. i dont wanna say, that i hate it. because i can't judge, yet. but .. i feel like ; is it has to be like this? then, i ensured myself saying ; i am pursuing career. my career in a big multinational company. start from the bottom. and make the most to be the best. but .. in fact, isn't always easy when it comes to PURSUING CAREER. lately, been coming home very late. for some re-work stuff. i hate it. told ya yet that i hate re-work? it's wasting time. nah, i mean is re-working something part of pursuing career and way to be the best? i dont know.there's just no written rules,stated that. or, being scolded by other managers because some faults (sometimes, i didnt cause that) is way of pursuing career? and .. being in charge for something you are not supposed to be is way to be the best in ur career? even .. coming home very late at night, is part of being the best in my career? it is easy to blame someone because putting me in this situation. but, blame isn't solving. So, now everyday, open my eyes, and let my mind think that God plans something BIG for me. And i'll just let the path flow thru. i shall follow. dont fight it. be thankful. Happy almost new year, everyone! do wish you have a best one. And .. am not forgetting to say! SEMANGAT to Indonesian National Football Team for tonite's battle against Malaysia. Guys, i do wish you have the best. WIN or LOSE isn't the problem. just FIGHT first !!! see u next year,soon!

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