Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This is such an early morning post here,in Indonesia. Since I have no special time at office to take care of my blog again, now I blog via phone. I hope this phone is supportive. Well, it's 2 days before D-day of iedul fitri or what we call hari raya. Am just trying to remind myself over and over again,that there's life after the euphoria. So stay on the ground and hold urself.In the end of the month, see how much u can save. I failed, couple of times but I went up and told myself the same mantra as above.and you know what ? I haven't get permit for applying leaving form .. :( but,that's ok. Actually, last years and couple years before was relally my comfort zone. I got a very long holiday, because I was a student and I taught student. But now, I have to learn something really new, which is have a-little-less holiday than last year. Oh yes. I don't know what to write anymore,my brain is kinda stuck. Actually, I'm just trying to waste the time and have a little fun before facing the real world :) and fyi. Yesterday my boss asked me to book meeting room for today, and I messed up by clicking the wrong room. And its just unable to be deleted. Oh gr8! And when I see the invitees, they are all board of sales managers and directors. Oh,I shall drink my amnesia pills. Bye, until later. I hope the meeting will be okay. *scared giggle.

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