Thursday, August 26, 2010

this is you.

this is you. this is short. i promise. actually, i have been analyzing this thing lately. this is the case : you have a job. its not ur dream job. they paid you little. the environment sucks. the job even worse. you hate your job, posting it everyday in social network so everyone knows how suck it is to be you. And .. 7 months later, your contract ended and you said that its a bit hard to leave your workplace and all of the environment. It seems like you are going to MISS them. the point is : you are simply confusing. i mean COME ON! how come you can miss them, when everyday you are not building any bond at all. All you build is anger and hate. You wish to quit everyday. How come ? And you know what ? before you had that job, you are idle, right ? you are JOBLESS. and when a job comes to you and its not as pleasant as you wish you cursed it til death. Dont you even remember how lame was it to be jobless ? dont u remember that you always posting about how bad it is to be jobless? how are you longing and SCREAMING to have a job ? and when you have it, you act like it’s the worst destiny ever. so, please.. just appreciate every little thing you have by remembering when you dont have it at all. Be thankful for your “sucks” job, because its even sucks to be jobless. Go nag abt your hateful job, but please, be wise about it. Especially in social network. See? Its short, isnt it ? copied from my Tumblr account :)

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